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Natural Number A natural number is a positive integer or a non-negative integer. There is a small difference because non-negative integers also include "0." A list of positive integers would only include whole numbers, but not zero. Natural numbers include 1,2,3,4,5... infinity-1, infinity. They are all whole numbers. Natural numbers do not include negative numbers, fractions, or decimals.
Negative Number A number that is less than zero; located to the left of zero on the number line.
Net A two-dimensional shape that can be folded into a three-dimensional figure is a net of that figure.
Nickel A coin with a value of 5 cents or 1/20 of a dollar.
Nonadjacent Side of an Angle Theside of the triangle that does not make up either side ofthe angle;the side opposite the specified angle; usually used in trigonometric ratios of the acute angles of a right triangle.
Nonagon A polygon with nine sides and nine angles.
Noncollinear Not lying on the same straight line.
Nonlinear Equation An equation or inequality that, when represented graphically, results in a graph that is not a straight line (e.g., circle, parabola, hyperbola).
Nonrepeating Decimal A decimal that does not repeat; it either terminates or continues in no discernible pattern.
Nonstandard Measurement The use of items as measurement tools that are not uniform in size (e.g., using fingers to measure something; one person's fingers are not necessarily the same size as another person's fingers).
Nonstandard Unit Any real item that can be used to measure. Examples include paperclips, pants, cookies, and nuts.
Nonterminating Decimal A decimal that does not terminate; it either repeats or continues in no discernible pattern.
Number The concept of an amount, quantity, or how many items there are in a collection.
Number Line A line on which each point represents a real number.
Number Sense Having a good conceptual understanding of numbers and number concepts.
Number Sentence A mathematical statement that has numbers, at least one operation sign, and an equal or inequality sign.
Number System A system used to represent numbers. (See base ten number system)
Numeral A symbol that represents a number.
Numeration The act or process of counting or numbering; a system of counting or numbering.
Numerator The top number of a fraction. For 3/4 the numerator is 3. It is the number of equal parts (numerator) of the total number of parts (denominator) in a fraction.
Numeric Expression Any combination of words, variables, constants, and/or operators that result in a number; also known as an arithmetic expression.
Numeric Pattern An arrangement of numbers that repeat or that follow a specified rule.
Numerically Expressed in or involving numbers or a number system.


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