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Bar Graph A graph that uses horizontal or vertical bars to display data.
Base (1)A number that is raised to an exponent; (2) a particular side or face of a geometric figure; (3) a number that is multiplied by a rate or of which a percentage or fraction is calculated. Example: (1) 23, where 2 is the base and 3 is the exponent
Base Ten Number System A place value number system in which ten digits, 0 through 9, are used to represent a number and the value of each place is 10 times the value of the place to its right; the value of any digit in the number is the product of that digit and its place value. Examples: 10 ones = 1 ten, 10 tenths = 1 one, 10 tens = 1 hundred, 10 hundredths = 1 tenth, 10 hundreds =1 thousand, 10 thousandths = 1 hundredth, 10 thousands = 1 ten thousand, 10 ten-thousandths = 1 thousandth
Basic Whole Number Facts Addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division of all combinations of two numbers, using the numbers 0–9. (Sometimes the numbers 10–12 are included in the basic whole number facts.)
Before In front of, earlier than, at an earlier time.
Between In the middle of two numbers; greater than the first number but less than the second number (e.g., 17 is between 16 and 18).
Billion One thousand million (in the U.S.). 1,000,000,000.
Binomial An algebraic expression consisting of two terms (9a + 4). You could also say that it is an expression that is a sum or difference of two monomials. (Also see Monomial)
Binomial Distribution In probability, a binomial distribution gives the probabilities of k outcomes A (or n-k outcomes B) in n independent trials for a two-outcome experiment in which the possible outcomes are denoted A and B.
Binomial Expression When you study algebra you will learn about binomial expressions. It is an expression that uses two terms.
Binomial Theorem In mathematics, a theorem that specifies the complete expansion of a binomial raised to any positive integer power.
Bisect To divide a geometric figure into two congruent parts.
Bisector A line segment, ray, line, or plane that divides a geometric figure into two congruent halves.
Bit A <b>bit</b> is a specific amount of information found in computers. Bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes are all increasing levels of bits. A <b>bit</b> is the smallest piece of computer memory. It is either 1 or 0, on or off. It is exactly one-eighth.
Box Plot A graphic method that shows the distribution of a set of data by using the median, quartiles, and the extremes of the data set. The box shows the middle 50% of the data; the longer the box, the greater the spread of the data. spread of the data.
Box-and-Whisker Plot A graphical method for showing the median, quartiles, and extremes of data. A box plot shows where the data are spread out and where they are concentrated.


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